May 21 2015

5 Reasons To Rekey Your Locks When Moving

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When moving into a new apartment or home it can be both frustrating and fun too. The frustrating part occurs when you have to organize and pack all the stuff ready for the move. The fun part is when you get to move into your new apartment or home.

We teamed up with the great guys over Find Good Movers so that we could make this great article for you in hopes that it helps you make an informed decision about re-keying your locks.

When one gets to move into their new home, chances are that the house has had previous owners which means the locks to your doors may be compromised. This happens because the previous owners may have moved out and never left the full set of keys given to them. Unless it is a new home you have built, you need to hire a professional to rekey your locks with help from experts at commercial locksmiths Brisbane.

Lock rekey is an affordable and effective way of preventing unauthorized intrusion into your home.

Below are 5 reasons to rekey your locks when moving.

Prevent unauthorized access

rekey diagram imageEvery home has had previous owners unless one has been built for you and under your supervision. When tenants or residents move into a new home, they are given house keys which help to lock and unlock all doors in the home. This helps to prevent intrusion by burglars when the occupants are in or out of the house.

When they get to move, the previous owners are required to hand over the full set of keys that was handed to them when they rented or bought a home. Even though the residents get to hand over the full set, they may have made extra copies which means you will be in danger of intrusion.

Another instance is where contractors may have been hired to repaint and make repairs to the home before it is sold or rented to new tenants. Keys are provided to the contractors so that they can get to lock and unlock different locks.

Hiring a professional to rekey your locks will prevent strangers from gaining access to your new home therefore being protected in the process.

Possess the power to authorize people who have access to your home

Over the past few years, there have been increased police reports regarding break ins into home without the use of force. This means that the burglar may have used an extra copy of keys or may have used other tricks such as lock picking.

If the lock has not been tampered with in any way then it means there is someone who has an extra set of keys to your home. Burglars get to steal your valuables such as jewellery, money, electronics, antiques and collectibles among others.

By hiring a professional to re-key your locks and have a new set of keys, you will have the power of deciding who gets a copy therefore giving them authority to access your home even when you are not around. When it comes to this, then you need to have complete trust about the person you are giving the new set of keys.

Have few keys on your key chain

key chain with alot of keysMajority of homes may have over ten locks which means one will get to have a lot of keys especially when combined with those of your business or even your office. When you get to move into your new home and have the locks re-keyed, you can request the expert to develop for you fewer set of keys so as to reduce the number of keys you will posses.

For example, you can request the expert to provide you with the same key for your front and back door and even the patio door if you have one. This not only reduces the load of keys you will be carrying but it will be easier to manage as you can have the keys numbered therefore making it easier to use.

To feel secure

When house searching, security of the neighborhood as well as that of the home is one of the main factors that enables you to make a quick decision whether to move in or not. Rise in insecurity in various cities around the world has led to many home owners to put their security and that of their family as a priority.

Although home owners invest in security systems such as alarms, security lights and sensors among others, it is best to ensure that your locks provide security to you too. Re-keying your locks will not only help you have a new set of keys or reduce the number of keys to your home, it will also enable you to feel secure everyday you step in and out of your home.

Unlock and lock problematic locks

silver lockDoor locks like any other man made item is susceptible to normal wear and tear which means at some point during its life, it will be difficult to lock or unlock it. This happens to the keys too as their teeth get worn out therefore giving the home owner a hard time when it comes to unlocking and locking the doors.

Door locks that have worn out over a period of time have been found to be susceptible to being picked easily by burglars therefore compromising the security of your home. This can happen when you are in or out of your home.

By hiring an expert from All United Locksmith to re-key your locks, they will be able to fix the problem and provide you with a new set of keys that no other person has. This will help to improve your security therefore you will not be worried about your home being compromised. In case the locks are worn out badly, then you need to hire the same expert to replace and install new door locks.

In conclusion, it is important to hire an expert to re-key your locks once you move into a new home. There are 5 reasons to re-key your locks when moving. Improving your security and that of your family is one reason. Preventing unauthorized access to your home by strangers, reducing the number of keys for your home and possessing the ability to authorize who has access to your home are other reasons which help to support re-keying of locks.

Finally, being able to unlock and lock problematic locks with ease is another benefit you are bound to gain by hiring an expert to re-key your locks.

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